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East Pond Association


We are an incredibly active and enthusiastic volunteer, non-profit, organization dedicated to the preservation of East Pond. This lake is an 1,800-acre lake located in the towns of Oakland and Smithfield, Maine. Our purpose is to inform and educate interested parties in the ways they can help to protect and improve the water quality of the lake by planting buffers, put the rake down and leave the duff layer (decomposing leaves, pine needles, twigs)  control erosion and run-off from camp roads, prevent invasive aquatic plants from becoming established in the lake, avoid the ½ mile section from the point to the dam in the Serpentine where Curly-leaf Pondweed is growing and minimize developmental impact.

Join a Task Force (Membership, Social Media, Business Membership, Fund Raising, LakeSmart, History, Buffers, Fun Events or Roads). Share in the responsibilities of protecting this precious lake that we all enjoy. Everyone can do something to help.

We can always use more Volunteer Courtesy Boat Inspectors.  Attend an Invasive Plant Workshop presented by 7 Lakes Alliance or contribute by Adopting a section of East Pond Shoreline to inspect for Invasive Plants just twice each summer.

Please join the East Pond Association as we are the organization that works to protect East Pond for You, Your Family, Your Children and all Future Residents.

Much more information is available on our website: https://www.eastpond.org/ Questions may be sent to info@eastpond.org

Remember, it takes all of us working together to

“Keep East Pond Picture Perfect”


North Pond Association

North Pond Facebook Page

2016 Watershed Survey North Pond & Little North

The North Pond Association, Inc. was formed in 1985 to construct a dam on Great Meadow Stream that would allow better management of the level of water in the lake. It is made up of dues paying members, 15 of those being volunteer directors. The association’s responsibilities have grown to include testing the lake water and providing funding for courtesy boat inspections to prevent the introduction of Milfoil into our beautiful lake. We hold our annual meeting at the Fairview Grange in Smithfield where anyone interested in our lake is encouraged to attend. Our mission is to educate the public on the responsible use of the lake. In 2005 North Pond Association, Inc. became a 501c3 organization. This means that your donation is fully tax deductible. Much more information is available about our efforts on our website: www.northpondmaine.org

The NPA continues its collaboration with Smithfield’s Fairview Grange. The NPA maintains the grounds and shoreline of the Grange showcasing many examples of Best Management Practices. All examples are designed to help protect North Pond from runoff. Stop by for a tour of the grounds at one of NPA’s events or anytime really, because you can guide yourself assisted by  signage explaining it all. Make a tradition of bringing the family by boat each summer to see the area’s largest loon display and info center. The NPA installed “Steps to a Cleaner Lake” and docks in the summer of 2016 allowing boat access to the Grange and our displays. The Grange benefits from the care and expertise the NPA can offer, and the NPA benefits by having a great property, accessible to the public, on which to show how to best protect the lakes. Everyone visiting the Grange is likely to see our displays and read our educational signs. The Grange was the first LakeSmart Certified property on North Pond and one of the first public LakeSmart properties in the State of Maine.


Join us and help keep North Pond the best it can be! Funds support a long list of important activities, including maintenance of the boat landing and dam plus the hiring and training of boat inspectors whose work helps protect the lake from invasive aquatic plant species like milfoil so we can enjoy the lake for years to come.

If you are not already a member and would like to join here is the application link fill it out and mail it, along with your tax-deductible dues and any additional donation you would like to make. If you have a specific place, you would like the money applied, make a note of it when you send your check. Remember…approximately $100.00 funds a day of Courtesy Boat Inspections.

You can make a difference!


7 Lakes Alliance

The Conservationist Newsletter

Seven Lakes Alliance conserves the lands, water quality, and natural heritage of the Belgrade Lakes Watershed. We are a land trust and a lake trust. The land trust includes land preservation through land acquisition and stewardship. The lake trust includes the Milfoil program, the Conservation Corps program, and the Watershed program. Our activities include land preservation, watershed protection, courtesy boat inspections, and a youth conservation corps.

Seven Lakes Alliance is a volunteer land trust and lake trust that relies on membership dues and contributions to achieve its conservation mission. Become a member of Seven Lakes Alliance today and you can help preserve the natural resources, heritage, and character of the Belgrade Lakes region. Your contribution helps us cover the countless expenses involved in operating an active and successful land trust. New members receive our quarterly newsletter, a free copy of the Seven Lakes Alliance Trail Map and Guide to the Kennebec Highlands, and the opportunity to participate in the annual meeting and other events and activities.